Tailored for the Business User

Smart, Standing work station, with twin motors and multiple memory settings.

Price : €419.00 
€502.80 inc VAT

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Desk top offered 1200 x 700 x 18 mm. white

Frame. Epoxy coated metal. Silver grey.

Stylish and durable.

Height adjustment:  590 mm to 1250 mm.

Built-in silent Twin motor.  Dynamic lifting speed: 35 mm/sec.

4 levelling glides

Delivery for the Netherlands and Belgie 25 Euro     Delivery within 7 working days  Electronic display with 4 memory positions.. 

  • The collision prevention has an auto-stop when meeting resistance when moving in either direction.
  • Easy assembly with supplied drawings and fitting tools.
  • Dynamic weight load capacity: 100 kg.
  • Static weight load capacity: 100 kg.
  • This frame has a 5-year replacement warranty!

Motors and switchgear electrics, 3-year warranty

Certifications:TUV, CE

Frequently changing your posture and taking opportunities to move away from your desk will help maintain the metabolic activity that breaks down fats and reduces blood glucose levels. Movement will also help you to maintain good postures and reduce muscle fatigue. As the following behaviors become routine, business efficiency should improve, along with the health and wellbeing of you and your colleagues. 

Your sit-stand desk allows you to position your desk in the optimal ergonomic position with the press of a button - whether you are seated or standing. What is the optimal position? That depends on your unique body characteristics. The goal is a neutral posture for your spine and joints while you work